Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the city of Enschede and your journey there. Is your question not listed? Then contact us.

Does the city centre have free WiFi access?

The public network Enschede stad van nu provides free Internet access in the city centre.

What language is spoken in Enschede?

Locals mainly speak Dutch, their mother tongue. Furthermore, most Dutch people will have no problem whatsoever understanding and speaking English. Also, because of the proximity of the German border, quite a few people in Enschede speak a bit German as well.

Where can I find public toilets in the city center?

There are several public toilets in the city center. There are toilets in the Van Heek garage (take the stairs on the square, you will find the toilets on your left), in the indoor shopping center De Klanderij (next to the Flying Tiger), at Hema and in the Koningsplein shopping center (inside next to the Decathlon) .

Where can I hire a bicycle?

Pick up a rental bike at Budget Bikes Hoeve. For those of you who want to go around a bit faster, they also have e-bikes for hire. Click here for more information.

Where can I park the car?

You can park the car at any of the indoor car parks in the city centre. Click here for an overview of all the nearby parking areas.

In addition, you can leave your car at the P&R car park at the Zuiderval (address: Spaansland 20, 7543 BG Enschede). With the parking ticket, you can take the bus to the city centre for free. An alternative P&R car park is located at Parkweg (address: Parkweg 37-39, 7513 AR Enschede).

Larger vehicles and buses can be left at Wilminktheater (address: Wenninkgaarde 40-42, 7511 PH Enschede). Take into consideration that the amount of parking space here is limited. A second option is to park at the Performance Factory (address: Hoge Bothofstraat 49, 7511 ZA).

Are there any cycling and walking tours and where can I get maps and brochures?

The most popular cycling tour is Rondje Enschede. A free brochure with directions is available at Tourist Info Point at Langestraat 41. For other maps with cycling tours around Enschede, we can refer you to Boekhandel Broekhuis, the bookshop in the Marktstraat. It also has a large range of walking tours for sale.

How do I travel to Enschede by public transport?

Enschede is easy accessible by both train and bus. When you are traveling from Amsterdam to Enschede, you can find more information here.

Plan your train journey in the Netherlands at the website of Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Their trains frequent the railway station of Enschede Centraal, Enschede Kennispark and Enschede Eschmarke. Read more about planning your train journey here.

Traveling by bus to Enschede is easy with Flixbus. Check the timetables for Enschede on their website.

Where can I find information for students?

At studyinenschede.com you will find all the information you need when you want to study in Enschede.

I have a tip or idea for Enschede, where can I submit it?

Tips or ideas are always welcome! It is best to email us at [email protected].

Where can I buy souvenirs from Enschede?

At Boekhandel Broekhuis you will find the largest selection of souvenirs in Enschede. During a day of shopping you can also come across souvenirs from Enschede at various shops.

Frequently Asked Questions
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