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Theater Sonnevanck makes professional music theatre for everyone from the age of four. Artistic director Flora Verbrugge established Sonnevanck in 1990. The youth theatre company is located on Walstraat 2, in the centre of Enschede.

Walstraat 2

In the building, which used to be a warehouse of the Jannink textile family, you will find a theatre with space for 95 visitors. In addition, the offices, set storage, workshop and costume workshop are located here. Theater Sonnevanck makes all his performances in this building. The performances play in theatres throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of the world.

Theater Sonnevanck makes youth theatre: performances for children, young people, their family and friends. The performances are created by professional actors, directors, designers, composers, writers and set builders.

Every year Sonnevanck makes between six and eight new productions. Over the past 30 years, more than 150 productions have been made and more than 650,000 visitors have seen a performance by Sonnevanck.

The productions Bromance (2016) and Princess (2018) won the ‘Gouden Krekel’. That is the highest prize a youth theatre performance can win in the Netherlands.


Theater Sonnevanck

Walstraat 2

7511GH Enschede

+31 53 4315400


[email protected]

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1 Theater Sonnevanck
Walstraat 2
7511GH Enschede

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