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About Enschede

Enschede is enterprising and internationally oriented. Over 150 nationalities live alongside each other, right at the border of the Netherlands and Germany. Its universities, conservatory, art academy and international schools attract thousands of students. After a day of work or study, people come to the city centre to unwind. Discover numerous shops, eat delicious food or visit a soccer match by FC Twente. Enschede is a city to love.

Historisch 31

History of Enschede

The history of the city of Enschede is a story of disasters and resilience. Discover it all here.

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Firework disaster Enschede

Fireworks disaster

The fireworks disaster of Enschede made 13 May 2000 a dark day. Huge parts of the quarter Roombeek were destroyed. Read more.

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Sister cities of Enschede

Enschede collaborates internationally with its sister cities M√ľnster in Germany, Palo Alto in California and Dalian in China.

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Christmas in Holland (Enschede)

Dutch national holidays and traditions

Information about celebrations such as birthdays and public holidays like the traditional Dutch Sinterklaas.

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