There are several platforms to look for vacancies in Enschede. On and Studentpower, you will find vacancies in the Twente region. You are able to filter on education level, expertise and type of vacancy (eg. internships, side jobs, traineeships, projects, parttime and fulltime jobs). JobOpp is your ‘partner in crime’ in finding a fantastic thesis spot or first job. This is the place where you will find connection to companies in the region. JobOpp aims to keep young professionals in the region of Twente. At YoungCapital or SUSA, you can also find your perfect student job.

Student jobs

When looking for side jobs, take a look at SSE Groep. When you enter your CV, the platform will try to find the perfect match for you. SMART is an initiative set up by Novel-T which connects students to companies. Are you looking for a challenging project or side side job where you can use your knowledge gained during your studies? Stay informed about the new vacancies. TalentIT Twente is an independent platform for IT students looking for opportunities (such as internships, side jobs and thesis assignments) in the region. It is important for TalentIT Twente to match personalities with the company's business culture. Be surprised about the great offer that exists in the region! Finally, you can apply for a side job at Unipartners, who offer part time (temporary) projects for students. A perfect way to use your knowledge in a business setting. If you want to have a side job in education, you can go to KlasseStudent. You can register to go work in middle school.


If you are looking for an international placement, traineeship or voluntary project, don't forge to take look at the AIESEC website.

Events: meet interesting organisations

In Enschede, there are several initiatives that will introduce you to organisations in Enschede (or the region).

Every Friday, at Free Lunch Friday, you can have a free lunch at one of the organization located at Kennispark Enschede. It is an informal way of getting to know the innovative organizations and to get a sense of their business ideas. Make sure to reserve a spot!

Next to that, the Bedrijvendagen Twente are organised every year. This is a career fair with many opportunities to get to know your future employer! Next to visiting companies at the fair, it is possible to have contact through workshops, lectures, lunches and much more! This is the opportunity to have contact on a low-key and personal level. The fair takes place for 2 days, but the rest of the months, there is much more to discover.