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Things to do

Enschede offers a myriad of things to do. From visiting museums and watching movies to cycling through nature and enjoying nightlife. This page is the starting point for all your activities. Get inspired by our overview of shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs, parks, nature reserves, events, children's activities, museums, art galleries, cinemas and theaters.

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Shopping in Enschede

Enschede is a wonderful city for a shopping spree. Discover world-famous brands and charming boutiques by local businesses.

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Events in Enschede

What's on in Enschede? View the wide variety of events here, like Gogbot and Enschede Marathon.

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Must do's

Want to discover and experience Enschede? The highlights on this list of must dos are the best place to start.

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Culture & Art

Get inspired by culture and art in Enschede. Visit museums, art galleries, theaters, cinemas and heritage sites.

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Roombeek culture park

Get a dose of art and architecture in Roombeek culture park. Museums and art galleries inspire in this part of Enschede.

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Kids families enschede

Kids & families

Looking for children's activities, events and shops in Enschede? Get inspired though this overview of outdoor and indoor fun.

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Museums and galleries

The museums and art galleries of Enschede present an exhilarating mix of old and modern art. Read more to see what's on.

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Food & drinks

With countless restaurants Enschede is the perfect city to eat out. Explore international eateries, a food hall and more.

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Nightlife enschede


Experience the nightlife of Enschede at these vibrant and varied venues. Discover bars, clubs, cafes, casinos and more.

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Hiking cycling enschede

Hiking & cycling

Walking and cycling in Enschede is a wonderful pastime. Explore routes, maps and discover parks, estates and nature reserves.

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2018 Ebo Fraterman Military Boekelo Enschede evenementen 5 3813 1579787144 35i1wlzxid7 until 10 October
Military Boekelo-Enschede

One of the largest equestrian sports events of the country.

Boekelo - Military
Oude voertuigendag Enschede 17 October 2021
Evenement Oude voertuigendag

Twents Gitaar Festival 2090 1549543823 35hxcm9flo22 until 24 October
Twents Guitar Festival

Guitar players from all over the world come to Enschede for concerts, masterclasses and workshops.

City centre
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