If you want to get to know a lot of other students in Enschede, then you should consider joining a student association! You will make a lot of new friends in a short period of time, you can find a dorm room in no-time and you will experience a lot when you participate in one of the many activities that the association organises. It is very important for you to choose an association that fits you best.

Aegee Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Student associations


AEGEE-Enschede is the most fun open association in Enschede. This means that the association does not have an initiation to join it and you can join AEGEE at any time! Here you make friends for life and because of the open feel, everyone can find their true place.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, associates come to Asterion (on the ground floor of the Pakkerij) to have some drinks with each other. AEGEE also has year clubs, fraternities, commissions and a lot more groups to be a part of. This way, you have the opportunity to know everyone at the association and really find yourself.

When you choose for AEGEE-Enschede, you don't only choose for a very fun, open student association with new friends in Enschede and the Netherlands, but perhaps also outside the country. With about 160 partner associations throughout Europe, you can always find something to do!

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Audentis Kick in Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Student associations


Student association Audentis is the most popular association in Enschede. All members of Audentis have a strong bond with each other and they all share the same interests in the sub associations that Audentis offers.

The DSCC/DJCR 'Audentis et Virtutis' is one of the biggest student associations of Enschede and has a strong, traditional character. Audentis is that association that put Enschede forward as student city. 'Audentis et Virtutis' means (freely translated): 'for him who dares and has courage'. This instantly shows who is part of Audentis.

Audentis has a rich history and you can do a lot of things within the association. The vibrant culture at club T.R.A.M. was formed on building blocks of the association: year clubs, fraternities, student houses and sub associations. In your first year, you create a year club with other members of the first year, where you eat and drink with each other on Tuesday night. Next to that, members of other years come together for activities on the Thursday. You will make friends for life and take on a lot of challenges. Nothing is too crazy, the sky is the limit. Create your own football team, hockey team, squash club, sailing team or even if you want to play music together in a band, everything is possible. Take part in the countless activities, such as balls, comedy shows, a ski trip and car rallies.

Next to versatility, Audentis differentiates itself from the other associations because of their entrepreneurial spirit. The student bar of Enschede, 't Gat in de Markt', is opened by and hosted by members of Audentis. With an ambitious attitude, the association feels very involved within the student life in the city. Commissions give you the opportunity to develop yourself on social aspect, and on organisational level. This is your chance to launch big projects and get experience next to your education.

Of course, you can't miss the biggest and best parties when you say 'Audentis'. During the introduction, the association will be at every single party to show you the student life of Enschede. It's no miracle that whenever something happens, you see someone of Audentis hopping around. All in all, Audentis is there for students who search for relaxation, fun, making new friends, partying and whatever more with their own building blocks: traditional, versatile, enterprising and leading!

ASV Taste Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Student associations

A.S.V. Taste

A.S.V. Taste is one of the biggest and most entrepreneurial student associations in Enschede with about 500 members. They are locatedin their own club in the city centre of Enschede: Club Antigoon.

A.S.V. Taste is a determining factor in the student life in Enschede and has been for over 30 years. It is a general student associations, which means that everyone is the same rank, same level, same everything: from first years to last years, there is no difference. It's important for everyone to feel like they can be themselves.

Within Taste, you get the opportunity to develop yourself in various ways. As a member, you can join one of the 30 different commissions. These vary from organising a sailing trip to keep everything in line at a bar night. Next to this, the board organises various events throughout the year where all members can get in touch with companies. After a couple years, you might even be able to join the board if you would like to! All in all, there is much space for development and challenges that you wouldn't face in your study.

When you join A.S.V. Taste, you will instantly create a year club in your first year with members that you will stay in touch with for a very long time. A lot of people become members of a fraternity in their second year of joining, in one of the clubs that they got to know in the first year. Next to that, a lot of people live together in one of the eleven student houses that Taste owns.

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Studentenvereniging CSV Alpha in Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Student associations

C.S.V. Alpha

C.S.V. Alpha is founded in 1980 and is the Christian student association of Enschede where fun and Christian formation get combined to a unique association in the city!

With 110 members, Alpha chooses for the 'message of the Bible as guideline for life'. When you become a member, you can choose to follow the guideline or respect it. The association isn't only open for Christian people, but also for everyone who respects the religion. With this foundation, the Christian characteristic of Alpha is ensured, but it is welcoming for various people at the same time.

Friendship, formation and responsibility are central in this association. Friendship comes forward in: dealing with each other within the association and on a private level, the friendships that get created and the involvement with each other and with the association. With this, the association also talks about friendships outside Alpha, such as their brother and sister associations.

The formation comes forward in activities like theme based nights and sing-ins, as well as the Bible study groups of course. Next to those activities, the members form each other as well. The members of the association are always available for a good conversation and every opinion that comes forward in the conversations.  Next to that, the people need to have responsibility towards each other and towards the association. They can show this with organising activities for members and for the community for example.

Being open to different opinions is an important trait to have within Alpha and this makes the association a diverse and coloured association. At Alpha, you will find members with various backgrounds. Catholic or not, religious or not and everything in between. This diversity makes sure a lot of different types of people feel at home at Alpha. You can learn from each other and have a lot of fun together.

Join in on the weekly club nights, fun parties, balls, relaxation weekends and the annual sailing week. Enough to do every week!

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