Mit der Familie auf dem Rad unterwegs in der grünen Natur von Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Hiking & Cycling

Leave the city, find the nature

Discovering Enschede by foot or on a bike is relaxing and fun. Leave the city behind, follow a planned route and unearth the most wonderful spots in the lush surrounding land. On the other hand, a city tour brings you to the highlights in town, while a guided tour learns you more about the ins and outs of Enschede.

Zouttoren Boekelo fietsen Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Discover Enschede

By Bike

The Dutch love their bikes and cycling is a favorite pastime in Enschede as well. The city is ideal to discover by bike. You can park your bicycle in the city centre in underground parking areas. These are located at Wilminkplein (next to InterCityHotel), at Kruispunt de Graaff and near H.J. van Heekplein. Cycling paths are marked in red and lead you out of the city in no time. Want to hire a bike first? There are several spots in the city where you can go, Budget Bikes Hoeve is one of them.

Stadswandeling Enschede Grote Kerk - Oude Markt - Uit in Enschede


City tours

A city tour in Enschede comes highly recommended. This is the best way to get to know the town. Take a guided tour through Roombeek, explore local shops with a shopping route or discover the cultural treasures of Enschede. The possibilities are boundless. Ask our team at the Tourist Information Office at Langestraat 41 and book your tour with them.

Een groen paadje Rutbeek in Enschede. - Uit in Enschede


Explore a oasis full of green

Need a change of scenery? In and around Enschede you will find various green areas. Why not explore the parks, estates and nature reserves on foot? Het Volkspark, G.J. van Heekpark, Abraham Ledeboerpark and Wooldrikspark are the four largest parks around the city centre.

Enschede lies in the middle of a green environment. Vast meadows extend to tree groves and larger forests. Head to Het Rutbeek, south of the city, for a hike under the trees with impressive lake views. In the summer, locals flock to the beach here for a cooling dip. Another natural area that is well worth a visit is Vliegveld Twenthe, on the north side of Enschede. A handful of walking and cycling routes cross the former airbase and its wooded surroundings.

Fahhradweg Rondje Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Hiking & cycling

Rondje Enschede

Rondje Enschede is a 52 kilometer long route which connects the natural areas with the city centre. Some of those nature reserves are Aamsveen, Lonnekerberg and Vliegveld Twenthe. Together, they comprise of heaths, marshes, woodland and vast meadows. In the middle of the natural beauty lie wonderful places for a stop or a drink. Tea gardens, rope parks for kids and art workshops, to name a few. Cycling or walking this tour guarantees to be a gem.

Watch the map Rondje Enschede or get a Dutch copy at the Tourist Info Office.

Map of Rondje Enschede

Maps en routes

Maps and routes for cycling and hiking are for sale at Boekhandel Broekhuis. Some maps, like Rondje Enschede, are freely available at the Tourist Information Office. Go here as well for more information on guided city tours