Active and sports

In Enschede, there are many possibilities to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.

Skatepark de Fabriek Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Active and sports

Indoor activities

When the weather is too bad to go outside, try one of the many indoor activities instead. At Arque Klimcentrum, you can try reaching the top of a climbing wall. A climbing hall specialised in bouldering, is Cube Bouldergym. Cube Bouldergym offers 500 m² climbing walls with challenges for everyone. If you would like to try diving or if you have a diving license, you can visit Dive World. A 10 meter dive tower is filled with crystal clear water and it is the ideal location for your dive. IJsbaan Twente offers indoor ice skating fun for everyone and is opened between October and March. 

At FunZone, you can visit the biggest trampoline park in Enschede, as well as go bowling or play a round of mini golf. Take a refreshing dive or go swimming at Zwemparadijs Aquadrome Enschede or Zwembad Het Slagman, play squash at Squash Citadel or visit Plaza Padel with your friends to play the fastest growing sport in the world. Visit Yogacentrum de Bron for a relaxing yoga session.

Zien & Doen Waterskicentrum Rutbeek Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Active and sports

Outdoor activities

You will find Cable Waterskicenter Twente at Het Rutbeek. They will teach you how to waterski or wakeboard in just one hour. At Paintball Warriors, you finally get the opportunity to shoot at your friends with paint. The group will be split into two teams and you have the whole area for yourself to hide, shoot and discuss your strategy. In Boekelo, a village near Enschede, it is possible to play a game of golf at Shortgolf Spielehof. With 9 holes Grobbebaan and 18 holes Shortgolfbaan, you can play as an advanced, intermediate or recreational player. Finally, at Skicentre Moser, you can learn how to ski or snowboard on an artificial slope. There are three types of slopes, all with different levels of difficulty. Looking for something more extreme? Try the 200 meter extreme tubing track!

If you are into fishing, you should try trout fishing at De Forelderij. After catching trout, De Forelderij will smoke your fish and you can take it home for lunch or dinner. Next to fishing facilities, there is a picking house for fruits, vegetables and flowers. At Bosbessenkwekerij La Francaise, you can pick blueberries throughout the summer season. Tip: take a look at the website when the season to pick blueberries has started. The season usually takes place between mid July and September.


If you want to escape crowds and enjoy nature, take your bike and discover Enschede's surroundings. You will be surprised how beautiful it is. When you cycle "Rondje Enschede", you will see Enschede's surroundings at its best. Throughout the route, there are a couple spots where you can stop and take the beauty all in.

Im Sommer in einem der Stadtparks von Enschede - Uit in Enschede


Picknick in the park

If the weather allows, take your picknick basket and go to one of the many parks Enschede owns. Have a picknick with your friends, and the rest of the locals, until the sun sets.


When you enjoy art and culture, you will find some good cultural institutions to visit during your student time in Enschede.

Open mic night Tankstation Enschede - Uit in Enschede


Cultural institutions

In Enschede, there are plenty of options to connect to a cultural institution. Think of music courses, theatre making, painting workshops, dance classes and much more! At TkkrLab (Tukkerlab), participants and visitors can (learn how to) use available equipment such as a laser cutter, 3D printer and Arduino. By exchanging knowledge and experience in the community, there is always someone present who can help you on your way with your creative projects. Tankstation is an artist-run space focusing on the community life in Enschede. Robson/Vierkwart is a creative incubator in the former Robson building in Enschede that holds art collectives frequently. At Concordia, you will find a full offer of art exhibitions at the Langestraat. Warp Technopolis is a breeding ground for experiments with talks, expos, events, challenges and crossover projects in the field of art, technology and science. Finally, the agenda of Vrijhof is filled with cool events and workshops, for students of all institutions!



When you enjoy visual arts, you should visit Rijksmuseum Twenthe. The museum offers a variety of collections from the middle ages until present day, with work from Brueghel, Ruisdael, Breitner and Jongkind, but also from modern artists such as Richard Long and Nicholas Pope.

De Museumfabriek is a museum about nature and mechanisms, art and science, birds, flowers, fossils, machines and about old and new things. For people who wonder about stars, planets, the blue air and the clouds. About people who would like to talk about where we are from and where we will go after. And for people who understand this is all way out of their league, but still would like to learn.

Finally, when you are interested in interactive art, visit Tetem. Tetem is a research and presentation platform focused on the digital and maker culture. Tetem operates in the field of visual arts, digital media, technology, science and design. Tetem holds hybrid exhibitions and public events. In addition to the physical and digital experience, you can also visit Tetem remotely via a robot.

Don't forget: you get free entrance at all museums with the Study in Enschede discount card! So much to explore!

Roombeek Kulturpark Enschede - Uit in Enschede


The Roombeek district was completely destroyed by the fireworks disaster in 2000, but was quickly built up into the beautiful cultural heart of Enschede. The artfully and creatively designed cultural mile connects Roombeek with the heart of the city center. Roombeek is known for its architecture and it is a nice neighbourhood to just walk in.

If you like it, book a walk with a guide who can tell you all the history about the Roombeek district, but also about the city centre during the city walk!

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