Enschede is the largest vibrant city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. A city where it is alive 365 days a year. Where you are always surrounded by nature. A city that surprises you and where you feel at home. This is Enschede.

Oude Markt Enschede - Uit in Enschede

of Overijssel

The biggest city

With over 161,000 inhabitants and about 160 nationalities, Enschede is the largest city in Overijssel and the fifteenth largest municipality in the Netherlands by population. Enschede is also the largest city in the Twente region.

 - Uit in Enschede

of Enschede


Take a journey through time with Enschede's fascinating history. Scroll through the centuries and see how Enschede grew, was destroyed, resurrected and blossomed into the unique city it is today.

De nieuwe Enschede vlag - Uit in Enschede

City and villages

Municipality of enschede

Besides the city of Enschede, the municipality of Enschede consists of the villages Lonneker, Boekelo, Usselo, Glanerbrug and hamlet Twekkelo. The name Enschede is an amalgamation of "An die Schede" which means something like "on the border," which is also reflected in the city's coat of arms.

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Fun facts

Did you already know this?

  • In 2025, Enschede will be 700 years old
  • Enschede used to have city canals
  • Everywhere in Enschede you can be in nature within 15 minutes
  • Enschede is a real student city with over 24,000 students
  • Enschede is a hotbed of start-ups; companies like Booking.com and Thuisbezorgd.nl originated here
  • The Enschede Marathon is the oldest marathon in the Netherlands
  • Joppie sauce was invented at Annie's snack bar in Glanerbrug
  • At 101 meters, the Alphatoren is the tallest building in Overijssel