You get to know students of the same year, but also students that have started before you. Are you struggling with statistics or something else? Ask your study buddies! Within a study association, you usually get discount on study books and you can always go to a place to relax in between classes (with free coffee and tea).

Study associations

As a study association is related to the study programme you are in, we listed the study assocations per institution for you.

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University of Twente

  • ABACUS: Applied Mathematics
  • ALEMBIC: Chemical Engineering
  • ARAGO: Applied Physics
  • ASTATINE: Advanced Technology
  • ATLANTIS: University College ATLAS
  • COMMUNIQUE: Communication Science
  • CONCEPT: Civil Engineering
  • DAEDALUS: Industrial Design
  • DIMENSIE: Psychology
  • IDEEFIKS: Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
  • INTER-ACTIEF: Technical Computer Science and Business & IT
  • ISAAC NEWTON: Mechanical Engineering
  • ITC-SAB: Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
  • KOMMA: Educational Science & Technology
  • OCKHAM: Honors programme
  • ONWIJS: Teacher Study Programme
  • PARADOKS: Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
  • PROTO: Creative Technology
  • SCINTILLA: Electrical Engineering
  • SIRIUS: Health Sciences & Management, Society and Technology
  • STRESS: Industrial Engineering & Management and International Business Administration

Hogeschool Saxion

  • ARCHIMEDES: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Product Design, Chemical Technology and Mechatronics
  • BALANS: Faculty of Finance, Economics and Management
  • CEMENTI: Academy for Government, Law and Space
  • CONNECT TERZAKE: (Engineering) Technical Business Administration, Small Business and Retail Management
  • CONSTRUCT: Engineering and Civil Engineering
  • ELUCIDO: Teacher Study programme primary school
  • HUMANITY: Academy for Humanity and Labour
  • HYSTERIA: Healthcare and Technology
  • IDENT: Crime Science and Forensic Research
  • IMANAGE: Commercial Economy, International Business and Languages, International Business and Management Studies
  • LiNK: Academy of Creative Technology
  • OXYTOC: Biology, Chemistry and Medical Labatory Research
  • SAMM: Academy of Humanity and Society
  • SYNTAXIS: Computer Science
  • TABULA RASA: Physiotherapy and Podotherapy
  • TRIAS LOCI: Real Estate and Brokerage
  • WATT: Electrical Engineering, Technical Computer Science and Applied Physics

ArtEZ University of the Arts