How to find an apartment or studio

We advise you, just like with rooms in dormitories, to keep an eye on the websites Roomspot and Student Union Kamersite. These are local initiatives set up by the municipality of Enschede, Saxion, University of Twente and two housing corporations Stichting Jongerenhuisvesting Twente and de Veste. These platforms are direct partners of Study in Enschede and aim to maintain quality and reliability within property offers. Other online possibilities are national platforms such as Kamernet, Pararius, and These websites are updated with rooms regularly and you can filter on price, location, room size and much more. Please be aware that we are no direct partners of these national platforms and we cannot guarantee the quality and reliability of the properties. Finally, what usually helps is to ask friends and acquaintances to be on the look-out for you.  

Private rent or public housing

In the Netherlands, there are possibilities to rent out apartments and studios privately or through public housing. So, what is the difference?

Private housing means the owner is someone who is renting it out to you directly. An advantage is that you have direct contact with the owner and it is often easy to move in directly. Therefore, public housing means the owner is often a housing corporation. The prices of public houses are often lower than private housing, but also often contains waiting lists.

Just like with renting a room, it is important to sign a rental agreement and to read about the conditions of renting an apartment or studio before you sign.