With its interactive exhibitions and in-depth events, Tetem tells the story of an evolving society and adds context and meaning from program lines. Tetem operates in a rich network of creative makes and thinkers with a focus on digital culture and manufacturing culture. Artists and designers develop new work in connection with Tetem's research and program lines. Within Tetem's hybrid program, physical and online visits and experiences alternate. Besides visiting exhibitions, at Tetem you can also experiment with newest techniques and technologies in the MaakMeeLab. The lab is making place and meeting place in one. Adults and children are welcone one weekends to experiment with various digital and makes technologies such as 3D (food) printers, laser cutters, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. In the foyer of Tetem you will also find Blender Blender, a multi-faceted concept store focused on sustainability and technology. Blender Blender is the mix of a concept store with sustainable gifts, meeting place, workspace, a vegetarian juice and coffee bar, hair salon Nivo and the plant shelter LEAFDE.

Visit the Tetem website for an overview of all exhibitions, events, presentations, research, educational programs, programs in Twente and the annual Maker Festival Twente!

The location

Tetem Stroinksbleekweg 16 7523 ZL Enschede Route to location