The city of Enschede has collaborations with its sister cities Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California and Chinese city of Dalian. Both cities are located in innovative regions. Local businesses, researchers and students try to expand their horizons by using the sister city network for international co-operation.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto (population: 58,598) lies on the southern end of the San Fransisco Bay in California. It is the heart of Silicon Valley, where you will find major offices of high-tech business as Google, Apple and Cisco.

Joint activities with Palo Alto
Enschede and Palo Alto have agreed to collaborate in the form of Economic Alliance. In the context of this partnership, they share knowledge and best practices about new technology. Also, they focus on helping startups and growing businesses.


Dalian grew to be the city it is today through a turbulent history. It is the home base of numeral international high-tech companies and is host country of the World Economic Forum, Summer Davos.

Joint activities with Dalian
China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The co-operation with Dalian enables entrepreneurs in Enschede and Twente to explore countless possibilities. It also brings knowledge about Chinese markets to Twente.

For example, businesses in Enschede and Twente have met with Chinese companies in the High Tech Zone, which resulted in new potential business partners. Additionally, Enschede and Dalian have specific plans for exchanging know-how and expertise in eduction, health and culture.


Münster is a vibrant historic city in the west of Germany, located only 60 km from the Dutch border. The City of Westphalian Peace combines rich history of the old town with the innovative energy of a large and dynamic university town.

Joint activities with Münster
The longstanding cooperation of Enschede and Münster gives a valuable asset to both municipalities in the field of economy, knowledge, health, education, culture and tourism. Close contact of both mayors enables cross-border collaboration and shared events as Die tolle Woche, Münsterland Giro or joint cultural exhibitions as Picasso & Matisse. Geographic proximity stimulates cultural exchange for citizens who daily cross the border in terms of work and tourism. Both cities make an indispensable contribution to the economic growth and the cultural understanding of the neighboring country.