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Vegetarian and vegan hotspots in Enschede

Are you curious about the best places in Enschede to eat vegetarian or vegan? They are plenty of places to go to! We put together a list of surprising and nutritious lunch and dinner hotspots in the city.

De Basis

At Restaurant de Basis you can eat fresh and seasonal food. Many of the vegetables, fruit and edible flowers come from their own garden. Local and organic products are used as much as possible. The menu consists of small dishes to share and changes regularly.

Foodbar Rauw

Foodbar Rauw is one of the nine cuisines to eat from at the Twentsche Foodhal. At Foodbar Rauw they only serve vegan dishes. So all food is made from plant-based ingredients. Comfort food with a raw edge, as they describe themselves. You can simply order a burger with fries or a bowl of nachos with 'cheese'.

Het Paradijs

Het Paradijs is a special place for having lunch or dinner. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal in the garden. The menu contains seasonal and only vegetarian dishes. Organic and fair trade products are used as much as possible.

ProefPuurPlaza - Ekoplaza

At the Heurne you will find the organic supermarket Ekoplaza. In addition to your weekly shopping, you can also try coffee, tea and snacks at ProefPuurPlaza. All ingredients are organic and vegetarian dishes are regularly prepared. You can find the daily snacks on the Facebookpage of Ekoplaza.

Foodbar Rauw in Enschede, met vegetarische en veganistische gerechten - Uit in Enschede
Restaurant Het Paradijs in Enschede, met vegetarische en veganistische gerechten - Uit in Enschede
Foodbar Rauw, Het Paradijs and ProefPuurPlaza

Sam Sam

Sam Sam at the Oude Markt offers a new menu now. Next to the classical dishes, there are many vegetarian dishes listed now. For lunch or dinner you will have plenty of choice for vegetarian options.

Tankstation Enschede

Tankstation is a cultural and artistic meeting spot where you can visit exhibitions, lectures, movie nights and workshops. Besides, they have delicious food. At the common kitchen, volunteers can cook for a bigger community. Every Tuesday, there is a 3-course vegetarian menu offered and every first Tuesday of the month there is a vegan menu. On Thursday it is leftover day and on Sunday, after yoga, it is time for a veggie brunch.

Vegan and homemade cakes, cookies, muffins...


In the cozy Haverstraat passage you will find ETN saladebar. At ETN you can put together your own salad, but there is also plenty to choose from the menu. Think of wraps and varying soups. More into something sweet? Go for the vegan and homemade cakes, cookies, muffins and other sweets.

Van Doorn & Doorn

On a surprising location inside Roombeek you will find Van Doorn & Doorn. This lunchspot is created in a old city farm. Healthy food with a guilty pleasure, that's how they call their own dishes. The menu is not fully fish and meat-free, but for a vegetarian or vegan lunch you've come to the right place.

Bagels & Beans

A classic one! At Bagels & Beans you can have a delicious vegan or vegetarian lunch. Almost all bagels are vegetarian and there is plenty of choice on toppings. You will find Bagels & Beans at the Korte Hengelosestraat.

Pinto Thai

Maybe you wouldn't expect so, but there are excellent options for vegetarian or even vegan food at Thai restaurant Pinto Thai. They cook with fresh products and it is clearly marked which ingredients are used in the dishes.

ETN salades healthy Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Kleurijk opgemaakte borden bij Van Doorn & Doorn in de wijk Roombeek in Enschede. - Uit in Enschede
Bagels & Beans in Enschede - Uit in Enschede
ETN, Van Doorn & Doorn, Bagels & Beans

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