Discover the most beautiful synagogue of Western Europe.

The synagogue is a must see when you spend a day in Enschede. It is one of the most spectacular sights in Enschede and rightfully bears the term the most beautiful synagogue in Western Europe. Once inside, you will discover Enschede's intriguing Jewish history, Jewish customs and much more. Go on a journey of discovery and be amazed by this extraordinary location!

Synagoge Enschede - mooiste Synagoge West-Europa - Uit in Enschede
Synagoge Enschede

What is the synagogue?

The synagogue in Enschede was built in 1928 by Karl de Bazel on behalf of the Dutch-Israeli congregation. The three distinctive domes mark a unique feature for this beautiful structure. The building offers amazing architecture that you really need to see. Such as magnificent stained glass windows numerous stories from the Tenach, mosaics, murals and chandeliers.

During World War II, the German Sicherheitsdienst (SD) used the synagogue as a shelter for interrogating and holding prisoners. Fortunately, local Jews managed to remove the 19 Torah scrolls, rugs and other valuables in time and house them elsewhere. As a result the synagogue pased through World War II almost completely unscathed and its most important relics are still intact. Even the interior from that time has been largely preserved and is displayed there as well, taking you a step back in time. This sight therefore attracts many visitors, including from abroad. The synagogue is still used as a house of prayer and operates entirely from dedicated volunteers with a heart for this building.

Gedekte tafel met de originele meubels van vroeger in de synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Synagoge Enschede grote sjoel interieur - Uit in Enschede
De grote sjoel van Synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Binnen de synagoge


Start your visit with a tour. That way you will learn the most important things in a fun way. Some tours are available every day and others once in a while.

Audio tour and boarding tour

As a visitor, you can always take advantage of an audio tour. No reservation is required for this and it is available in three languages: Dutch, German and English. In the future there will also be a Hebrew version, the true traditional Jewish language. The audio tour takes you on a journey through the history of the synagogue. From interesting details about the stained glass works to how this building was used in the past. In addition, you can also do this with an entry-level tour. Then there is a guide with you who dives even deeper and can answer all your questions.

Blind tour

A very special tour is the tour for the visually impaired. Various aids have been created for this tour. Such a a braille map and a small model of the entire synagogue, provided with a sound system so you can clearly hear how big the large shul is, for example. A specially trained guide also leads you around.

Cemetery tour

A tour of the Jewish cemetery was recently added. This may sound a little unusual, but it is a real must do. The tour is wildly popular and is only offered four times a year. So sign up in advance if you want to participate! During the tour you will visit, among other things, the monument commemorating the 700 Enschede Jews who were murdered during World War II.

Neighborhood walk and film

During the neighborhood tour, a guide will take you along the area around the synagogue, where many Jews used to live. You will discover facts about Enschede's Jewish past. In addition, the synagogue has had a beautiful film made based on this walk if you can't make the walk yourself. The film is very nicely made and even offers a peek inside some of the buildings you don't see during the neighborhood walk.

Entdecke die Synagoge von Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Discover the synagogue with a tour

Activities and events

Besides this tours, the synagogue organizes special activities and events several times a year. The biggest event is the Matzemarkt held before the Jewish holiday of Passover. Matzers and delcious wines are sold then. There is also an annual 'Fair Culinair' which focues on Jewish Cuisine. Check out the current program on the synagogue's website and especially keep an eye on their Facebook.

Plafond van de grote sjoel van Synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Tekens op de muur van Synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Joodse symbool op een rood doek. - Uit in Enschede
Een close-up van de grote sjoel van Synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Close-up in de grote sjoel van Synagoge Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Glas-in-lood in de synagoge van Enschede - Uit in Enschede

End your visit with a cup of coffee and kosher pastries

End your expedition in the cozy reception area, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or soda along with a kosher snack like a butter cake, apple pie or brownie. These are all homemade, as only kosher food is eaten in the synagogye, entirely according to Jewish tradition. Enjoy a delicious kosher wine here, too!

There is also a store in the reception area where beautiful Jewish items are for sale. These can be admired in the display case. In addition, the synagogue also had a webshop with even more Jewish items! All proceeds go directly to the synagogue. So by buying something from this collection you support the synagogue and its volunteers. You can also support the synagogue by becoming a friend. You will receive free entrance all year long.

Did you know that wine is often not prepared kosher? Winemakers often filter wine with products like gelatin, fish glue or pork fat which therefore makes it not kosher. At the synagogue, therefore, they have special Israeli wines for sale that are indeed prepared kosher.

 - Uit in Enschede
Selfmade pie (koosjer)

Meeting & conference rooms rental

The synagogue's halls can also be rented for private occasions. Sizes range from the small classrooms to the large shul that fits 600 people.In addition, the synagogue works with schools and offers an educational program that addresses a variety of topics. For example, children learn about Jewish objects, what Judaism entails and what a synagogue is. Of course, there is also plenty of room for questions.

Visit the synagogue

The synagogue is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Jewish holidays). The boarding tour is every Wednesday and Sunday at 2 p.m.

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Glas-in-lood in de synagoge van Enschede - Uit in Enschede