Twente is one of the most innovative regions in the Netherlands. A top location for entrepreneurial talent and innovation. A region where we want to keep growing in every respect. There is plenty of room to grow, especially in Enschede. To make that growth even more attractive, so-called creative breeding places have emerged in recent years. Collective spaces where creative and technological talents create, cooperate, develop and above all look to the future.

Endless brooding 

These places full of creatives are not an ecosystem full of nesting birds. It is an innovative ecosystem full of culture and creativity. Innovative hotspots with social, spatial and economic potential. Where there is space and time for experiments. Where spontaneous cross-pollinations between art, technology, science and culture occur. Where the whole world is a playing field.

City of the future 

Enschede already has more than ten creative breeding grounds. For these resourceful people of Enschede there is no limit. Robotics combined with (children's) theatre. Augmented and virtual reality in the agro and food business. From 3D printing to laser cutters and cybersaturdays. A Stationsplein with a unique mix where light, image, sound and everything around it come together. It starts in Enschede. Here are endless possibilities, with a little guts and imagination. Come along and immerse yourself in the future. Let your brain be stimulated and discover these fertile places full of innovation.