To celebrate the King's birthday, Enschede organizes the annual Koningsfestival Enschede. Join in the festivities and discover all kinds of entertainment!

Koningsnacht (King's Night) and Koningsdag (King's Day) together form the Koningsfestival Enschede. With official festivities, various themed squares, the Oranjemarkt and many more surprising activities, the city will be coloured red, white, blue and orange.

There will be a free (music) program on the Oude Markt, in the Walstraat, Hofstraat, on the Stationsplein, Willem Wilminkplein, Ei van Ko and Jacobusplein. The Kindermatjesmarkt and Oranjemarkt will also be organized. The kindermatjesmarkt is a typical Dutch tradition. This market is especially for children. They sell second hand stuff that they display on a mat or rug out on the street. It is fun to see the children live up to their role of market vendor.

Celebrate an unforgettable Dutch party - in orange, of course!


With different venues all over the city centre, it's two days of full-on party in Enschede.

  • Of course, there will be a big stage on the Oude Markt.
  • Real rock fans go to Café Rocks in the Hofstraat for the full rock experience.
  • Do you prefer electro beats and good dancing? Then you need to be at the Stationsplein. The DJs will transform the Stationsplein into a full on techno party.
  • From the techno beats or rock music, you walk a little further to the rainbow party in the Walstraat. Prepare for lavish decor and surprising (drag queen) shows and sing along to well-known Dutch hits.
  • On the Willem Wilminkplein you can experience a fantastic family festival. Discover a wide range of workshops, music, theatre and dance presented by Metropool, Wilminktheatre en Muziekcentrum Enschede, Bibliotheek Enschede and Kaliber Kunstenschool.
  • At the Ei van Ko there will be a big party with all the 90s hits: The square turns into a dance floor with various DJs.
  • Need a break from partying? Then visit the Jacobusplein! Here you can enjoy tasty snacks and the most delicious beers from Stanislaus Brewskovitch.

Flea markets
Are you looking for second hand gems? Go to the Kindermatjesmarkt on the Van Heekplein where children sell their products or walk through the streets of the city centre where the Oranjemarkt offers you the best deals!

The location

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