A city brewery with a store, café and beer garden!

Stanislaus Brewskovitch

Stanislaus Brewskovitch: city brewery with café and beer garden the Menist church in the center of Enschede has been transformed into a beautiful city brewery. From the entire church there is a view of the brewery's kettle, which stands behind glass walls. In the kettle, the brewers will experiment with new beers. These go directly through a kind of 'beer organ' to the bar in the café. You will soon be able to see the pipes running throughout the café. Behind the bar is a special wall, where 25 to 30 taps are visible. "The pipes are short because of that and we can keep the beer at exactly the right temperature," he says. From the café you walk through to the beer garden, a 4-meter-long porch followed by a 130-square-meter garden with several beer benches.

Craft Beer Store in Stanislaus Brewskovitch
At the Craft Beer Store you will find a huge assortment of specially beers from small brewers. So should you be looking for a nice beer for yourself, or a gift for that special beer-lover, you're sure to succeed at Stanislaus Brewskovtich. Can't choose between all those goodies? Then the staff will lovingly help you pick out a beer (or 2... or 3...) that completely suits your needs. But the ambition also lies outside the store. For example, Stanislaus organizes the annual Dutch Craft Beer Festival, and in January the 'Winter Wonders' Winter Beer Festival.

The location

Stanislaus Brewskovitch Stadsgravenstraat 59 7511 GN Enschede Route to location


Irenegarage Van Lochemstraat, Binnensingelgebied 9 7511 EG Enschede Route to parking