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A wide range of leisure activities in Enschede are placed in our online agenda. Are you or your organization organizing a concert, exhibition, event, workshop, lecture, party or other activity that meets the conditions below? Then your activity is eligible for our online agenda!

New guidelines

The activity qualifies for placement when the event aligns with the following requirements:

  • It takes place in the municipality of Enschede;
  • It's openly accessible to all target audiences, whether or not with ticket sales; 
  • It's an activity which all visitors of Enschede can attend in their spare time; 
  • The activity is not politically related, emphatically organized from a religious perspective, and/or connected to a societal (current) topic;
  • It's organized once for one or more (consecutive) days;
  • It can be categorized as one of the following themes: music, event, art & culture, kids, nightlife, sport & active, innovative & creative and/or gastronomy;
  • The event takes place ≥7 days from the date of submission;
  • Does the activity not align with the above guidelines, but is it a one-time lecture or workshop related to an activity, exhibition, or event in Enschede or can it be categorized as Technology, Innovation, and Creativity and therefore gives value to the Enschede Brand? In that case, the activity also qualifies for placement. 

An additional option is to be qualified for our online agenda concerning our student platform Study in Enschede. Your event may be placed if it aligns with the following requirements:

  • The event is an open day or open house for students as per orientation for continuation of studies (MBO/HBO/WO); 
  • The activity will be organized for the target audience of students in Enschede and is accessible to everyone within this group. No other restrictions apply other than that the visitor needs to own a student card. 

What to provide

If the activity aligns with the above-stated guidelines, the organizers can apply on time and provide information in full via the form down below. 

When applying, mind the following:

  • The activity aligns with above stated requirements; 
  • The event takes place ≥7 days from the date of submission;
  • It is required to provide copyright-free HR content of at least 800x600 pixels, without text in the image.

Does the activity align with the above-stated guidelines? Send us the following information on time and in full:

  • Title
  • Description of event (minimum of 50 words)
  • Copyright-free HR image of at least 800x600 pixels without text in the photo
  • Location of event
  • Description of entrance prices
  • Start and end date
  • Start and when clear end time
  • Contact information for the activity/organizer such as website, email, phone number, and social media.

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The image must be royalty-free HR footage with a minimum size of 800x600 pixels.