According to the Space53 Foundation, unmanned systems are the future. It can have tremendous benefits for society. But we’ll need to work together to get there. And that’s why Space53 works with government agencies, knowledge institutions, aid workers and companies to start a movement. And successfully so! Enschede is one of the cities that have been chosen as a testing ground for air cabs and drones.

All the space in the world 

Enschede has the ambition to become Europe’s drone capital. It’s a fine ambition, but not one that will just fall into your lap. Enschede is tremendously well-situated within Europe and has acres of space. On the ground and above it! We are far from reaching our limits. And seeing as the airspace of Twente Airport is not restricted, this freedom provides opportunities to put innovations into practice.

Flying start 

Why wait for massive corporations when we can do it ourselves? On our own scale and in a way that suits our Twente nature. The idea behind Space53 is now slowly becoming reality. Enschede has the playing field and players it needs to become a true city of the future. As we all know, getting an innovation off the ground is the most difficult part, but we can support each other in doing so.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam... Enschede!

The AMU-LED Project is set to organise large-scale demos with drones for urban mobility. This European initiative will test and demonstrate whether large drones can fly safely in urban environments. In the Netherlands, Enschede has been chosen as a testing ground together with Amsterdam and Rotterdam. So... is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a drone!