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Fun facts

During your first weeks as a student in Enschede, you will probably have all kinds of questions about studying in Enschede and the city itself. Questions about what Enschede defines, where to live, where to go out and where you can find cheap dinners. Answers to all those questions will come soon! But if you can't wait to start your student time here, read this blog! Enschede is a welcoming, active student city and I'm sure you will have an amazing time!

A real student city

A lot of people don't know Enschede is a quite big (student) city. Enschede is the biggest city of Overijssel and the 14th biggest city of the Netherlands. The city of Enschede is part of the municipality of Enschede, together with the villages Lonneker, Boekelo, Usselo, Glanerbrug and Twekkelo. Enschede has about 160.000 inhabitants with over 160 nationalities. There are approximately 30.000 students of which 10.000 live in Enschede. A real student city!

De skyline van Enschede vanuit het Intercity Hotel. - Uit in Enschede
Enschede studentcity

Best living city

Did you know that Enschede was chosen as the best city to live in within the Netherlands for students by the National Student Committee (LSVb)? Enschede has been known for its cheap rooms for years now. There are rooms available at the University of Twente campus and in the city centre. Read more on our housing page about your possibilities for living in Enschede.

Bustling city centre

The city centre of Enschede has a lot to offer. You can go shopping, visit the cinema and theatre, have dinner, go out and so much more.

Our favourite spot is the Oude Markt. This square is full of restaurants, cafes, pubs and terraces. It is the best spot for lunch, dinner of the famous "daghap" (no worries, you will soon know what that means).

Another big square in the city centre is the H.J. van Heekplein. Here you will find big chain stores (H&M, Zara, Primark, Mango etc.) and the local market twice a week. On Tuesdays and Saturdays between 08:00-17:00 you can buy your fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and other foods. Good to know: at the end of the day, between 16:00-17:00, many merchants reduce their prices!

Next to the bigger chains, the city centre offers many cute streets with smaller local shops. Be surprised by the shops in the Walstraat, De Heurne, Zuiderhagen and the Haverstraatpassage.

Oude Markt Enschede - Uit in Enschede
H.J. van Heekplein in Enschede - Uit in Enschede

Become part of an association

Besides studying, you will need some relaxation. Enschede knows a rich association life. There are four big student associations, but also offers study, sports, world and culture associations. Find more about becoming part of an association on our website page.

During the introduction week of your university, you will find out which association fits best to you! Follow open classes and find fellow students with the same interests.

Besides becoming member of an association, you can be active by helping out with activities. Almost all associations have commissions for organizing certain activities or events. After being settled in Enschede, you could even think about becoming part of the board. By becoming an active member of an association, you will learn how to become a professional in communication, finance or any other field. These experiences are valuable for your CV. And finally, it is a lot of fun to do!

Het College Cnødde (onafhankelijk dispuut) Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Het College Cnødde Enschede

Going out

Whether you would like to chill at one of the terraces at the Oude Markt, or have a dance party, Enschede has it all. Going out in the city is fun and diverse. There are many pubs and clubs, where you can have a beer until early in the morning. During your introduction week, you will find out what the best spots for students are!
Until then, you can read some of our tips at our going out page.

Don't worry, going out in Enschede is not only for die-hard party people. The city has a theatre where you can join one of the cabaret shows, cinemas to catch a good movie and plenty of cafés to play games at all night! For the beer lovers, Enschede has a local brewery where you can join a tour or some beer cafés that sell specialty beers.

 - Uit in Enschede
Tapasbar Paddy's Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Fellini bar uitgaan Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Aspen Valley, Paddy's and Fellini

What else to do?

Your student time will not only be filled with studying and going out. Of course, there is much more to see and do in the city. When you enjoy art and culture, you will find some good cultural institutions to visit. Enjoy the art collection at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, the interactive art at Tetem or expositions at Concordia.

If you want to escape crowds and enjoy nature, take your bike and discover Enschede's surroundings. You will be surprised how beautiful it is. When you cycle "Rondje Enschede", you will see Enschede's surroundings at its best. Don't forget to stop at Roombeek Cultuurpark. This is the neighbourhood that got destroyed during the fireworks' disaster in 2000. It has been rebuilt into an architectural and cultural quarter.

When the weather is nice, take your picnic basket and go to one of the many parks Enschede owns. Have a picnic with your friends together with the locals.

Read more about activities in Enschede at our see & do page.

Kinepolis Enschede voorkant - Uit in Enschede
Snooker im GoPlanet Parc in Enschede - Uit in Enschede
Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Enschede - vrouw voor een aantal schilderijden - Uit in Enschede


Whether you look for cultural events, festivals or sport events, there is always something to do in Enschede.

Our agenda will keep you updated about everything that is going on in the city!

Getting around by bike

Just like in other cities in the Netherlands. Travelling by bicycle is the easiest way to get around the city. Everything in Enschede is within biking distance, such as the University of Twente campus (15 minutes).

Most students own a bicycle or rent one through Swapfiets. If you are looking to buy a bike, the easieast way is to use Marktplaats or to visit one of the local bike shops. Marktplaats is a website open for everyone to sell goods; this can be anything. Marktplaats might become your best friend when you have to buy new furniture for your room or apartment.

If you want to store your bike safely, use one of the guarded storages in the city centre.

Read more about transportation and cycling at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Student discounts

We all know that being a student isn't always cheap. Luckily, there are many places where you will receive a discount with your student card! Did you know we have a Study in Enschede discount card? It is completely free for all students in Enschede studying at ROC, Saxion, ArtEZ or the University of Twente. You can use it for art & culture, beauty & care, food & drinks and many more catagories! Make sure to check it out.

University of Twente or ArtEZ University of the Arts also offer the Student Union card. With this card you will receive all kinds of discounts on activities, sports, food, drinks, services and more.

And of course, you can just take a look around or ask whether stores, museums or cultural institutions offer discount, because they often do!

Discover Enschede as a local

We have created a special Student Bucketlist for you! Once you have ticked all the boxes, you will definitely know Enschede as a local.

Until then: have fun exploring!

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Studenten der Hogeschool Saxion in Enschede - Uit in Enschede
 - Uit in Enschede
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