Enschede Lights Up Enschede 2022 - Langestraat - Emiel MUijderman - Uit in Enschede

leave yourself amazed

Here and Now

You'll be astonished by all the advanced technology during this light experience. From 14 to 17 December between 17:00-22:00 the magical light projections through the inner city of Enschede make a return! This year's theme is "Here and Now".

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Enschede Lights Up 2023

The starting point of this unique free route is at Tourist Info Enschede at Langestraat 41. The route can be walked between 17:00-22:00, you can pick up the information booklet from the start of December. Tourist Info Enschede will be open extra long during these days between 17:00-22:00. This year, the route is even available digitally! Curious about what to expect? Then read below for a sneak preview of all the locations that can be admired.


Klokkenplas Klokkenluiders WWL Light Up Enschede 2023 - Uit in Enschede

Location 1 - Klokkenplas

bell tower

This impressive projection on the bell tower of the town hall focuses on the bells and their mechanics. Using special effects, you get an exciting view into the bell tower. You watch the show from the Klokkenplas. This is no coincidence. After the city fire of 1862, the fallen bells of the Grote Kerk were kept here.

Length: about 3 minutes
Maker: Vision Impossible
Technique: projection mapping

Render van Jacobuskerk Enschede Lights Up groen - Uit in Enschede

Location 2 - Jacobuskerk

Magical church

Step inside the Jacobuskerk and let yourself be enchanted. The beautiful curves and corners in the octagonal Jacobuskerk make the church one of the most beautiful in Enschede. The impressive installation lights up the church in a magical show of about 10 minutes. The music is created by local talents, students from ArtEZ’s music programme.

Makers: artists from ArtEZ (TBA),
MK Lichttechniek
Technique: synchronised lighting technology
with immersive audio

 - Uit in Enschede

More in the church

Winterconcerts SHOT

Dive into the enchanting world of SHOT's WinterTour. The Student Harmony Orchestra Twente is from the University of Twente in Enschede. The harmony orchestra, better known as SHOT, consists of about 65 students from the university and surrounding colleges. Led by conductor Ronny Buurink, the orchestra has been giving several concerts a year since 1993.

During Enschede Lights Up on Friday evening 15 December, come and listen to well-known music for young and old from Pinocchio and Christmas Fantasia, among others. A concert lasts about 30 minutes and you can enter freely. Concert 1: 19:30 - 20:00, concert 2: 20:30 - 21:00.

 - Uit in Enschede

Location 3 - Oude Markt

sticker mania

Battle each other with Sticker Light Blasters in this thrilling game! Iconic objects are missing from the pictures of the University of Twente campus. Blast the right sticker onto the right spot as quickly as possible. Compete against your friends and go for the win! Go crazy on the back of the Grote Kerk on the Oude Markt. Aim and... score!

Makers: University of Twente i.c.w. 100%FAT
and Enschede Promotie

Essengaarde Harmonia Enschede Lights Up met muziekgod Pan - Uit in Enschede

Location 4 - essengaarde


Historical music, Greek instruments and melodies and music god Pan. These are the key elements for an impressive light projection on the ArtEZ building in the city centre. This projection mapping lets you choose your own Greek instruments and form a real band with others. Bring music god Pan and Greek melodies back to life and create your own musical Muse on your phone.

Makers: Ruben Hulzebosch, Di-Qi Sun, Dilyana Parvanova, Elwin Rumplmair, Hester van der Ent, Iris Stoeten, JJ Rosenberg, Kasper Kamperman, Marceline Fraanje, Max Klostermann, Niels van der Leest, Noah McKenzie, Sylvian Riemens, Yvens Rebouças Serpa 
Technique: projection mapping combined with a mobile web application

 - Uit in Enschede

Location 5 - willem wilminkplein


Be captivated by a spectacular light show by composer and musician Maarten de Groot. The theme of the show is Enschede’s musical greats from the past to the present. Listen to snippets of songs about the Wilminkplein, including those by Willem Wilmink and Harry Bannink, in an atmospheric soundscape, while enjoying a dazzling light show.

Also on the Wilminkplein: Willems Culturele Kerstmarkt
Get into the festive spirit at this Christmas market. There are lots of things to do. From intimate theatre tents with short performances and storytelling to stalls selling midwinter snacks and local arts and crafts. This is how you celebrate Christmas 2023.

Maker: Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede i.c.w. Maarten de Groot
Technique: Lasers

 - Uit in Enschede

Location 6 - hoedemakerplein


(That didn't happen)

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties; the period of peace and wealth between the First and Second World War. The textile industry in Enschede was booming and international trade flourished, thanks in part to the Twentsche Bank. However, such wealth also attracts shady characters... In this exciting projection mapping on the premises of Snelder Zijlstra (formerly the premises of the Twentsche Bank), you follow the biggest bank robbery in the history of Twente*. How will it turn out...?
*This story is not based on historical facts.

Maker: TriMotion
Technique: Projection mapping

Klanderij digital forest Enschede Lights Up 2023 - Uit in Enschede

Location 7 - klanderij

digital forest

Welcome to the enchanting Digital Forest. This magical space is filled with lines of lights and a surround sound installation. Together, the giant light sticks contain over 100,000 LED pixels that can be controlled individually. Walk through the space during the three-dimensional light show and watch how light and sound work together beautifully. Marvel at beautiful patterns, dynamic colour shifts and visually stunning effects.

Maker: Total-Image i.c.w. Klanderij and Enschede Promotie